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Prompt 5 - Waking up to the Wind

Title:  Alone
Fandom:  Supernatural
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Rating:  R
Prompt 5 - waking up to the wind
Warning:  Dean's deal
Disclaimer:  I own nothing Supernatural
Summary:  Dean wants to get burgers.  Sam won't let him leave.

"Don't go!" "What is wrong, Sam?" Dean was startled when he saw the pure panic on Sam's face. He had his hand clutched around Dean's wrist. "I'm just going to get burgers."
"I'm not hungry! Don't go! Please!" Sam's desperation was growing and Dean feared he might have a panic attack.

Dean pried Sam's hand off and sat down in a chair. "I'm not going anywhere," he kept his voice calm and even. "What's going on?"
"I," Sam averted his eyes. "I just want you safe."
"Safe? We're hunters, Sam, and you're worried about me going to a restaurant? Doesn't that seem a little odd to you?" He was trying for a chuckle but instead he got a glare.

"I'm serious, Dean. Dead serious."
"Yeah. I know. That's what scares me. What has gotten into you?"
"A vision, okay? I had a vision!"

Sighing, Dean realized the enormity of the situation. He tried not to squeak when he asked, "You had a vision about a drive thru?"
"No. I saw you die. Die! Do you get it now?" He getting angry and his face grew more and more red. "And do you know where that left me? Alone, Dean. Nowhere really, just alone."

"I have a four weeks left. I'm not going anywhere until then. What brought this up?"

"It wasn't hellhounds or a demon. It was an accident. The Impala was crushed around you and they couldn't get you out in time."
"How do you know I was on a food run?"
"I don't. I only know I wasn't in the car."
"So I don't get to drive at all now?"
"Not until I figure it out." Sam brushed his hair off of his forehead. "There has to be a way around your deal. I'll find the loophole we haven't discovered yet."
"I know you'll fix it, Sammy. But, staying out of the car until you do isn't feasible. You know that, right?"

Stubbornly, Sam shook his head. "No. I don't know that. Keeping you away from the Impala and with me is the only way to keep you alive long enough to save you. Unless you want to leave me alone?" Tears shone in his eyes and it broke Dean's heart.

"I'd never leave you, if I had a choice."

"You HAD a choice, Dean. You chose to bring me back. How could you do that to me? Knowing that you would leave me behind?"

Dean swallowed hard. "I couldn't live without you here. Maybe it's selfish, but I needed you. I still do."
"Need you, too." Sam looked so broken. Dean had no other option but to gather Sam into his arms. He tried to hold the pieces of Sam together, knowing that no glue would be strong enough to keep Sam in one piece once he was gone.

He rocked Sam slightly as he murmured promises that he couldn't keep. The words sounded good even though Sam realized that they were empty. Dean was still trying, he was still there. He was with Sam until the hellhounds came. He wasn't going to build walls between them unless death forced him to.


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