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Prompt 24 - Vitamins

Title:  The Nut Behind the Wheel
Fandom:  Supernatural
Author:  my_sam_dean
Characters:  Sam, Dean, Bobby
Rating: PG
Theme Number: 24 - Vitamins
Disclaimer:  I own nothing Supenatural.
Summary:  Dean soups up the Impala and takes Sam for a ride.

"Sam! Get your ass out here!"

Sam's bag caught in the door as he rushed out of Bobby's house and down the stairs.

"I don't know why you had to rush me. It's not like we have to be anywhere."

Chuckling, Dean replied, "Ah, but I have souped up the Impala and can't wait to take it on a test drive."

"What did you do to the car dean? I'm picturing a Tim Taylor from Home Improvement kind of fix. Is it safe to get in the car?"

"Of course it is, don't be ridiculous. I'm just excited to see how she runs after Bobby and I put some new parts in her."

Leery but deciding to trust his brother's mechanical skills, Sam slowly got in the passenger side.

Dean cranked it over and roared the engine. 'Listen to that! Can't wait to get her out on the road!" He was busy reversing down Bobby's driveway and missed the old man's wave. Sam, however, waved back and tried not to look forlorn.

Dirt flew when Dean hit the brakes to switch into drive. Sam was pressed against the seat as Dean accelerated . . . accelerated . . . accelerated . . .


A huge bump in the road made the car airborne. Sam clutched the dashboard and prayed for his life. Dean was grinning like a maniac, clearly happy with flying as long as he was in his baby and not a plane.


The Impala landed and stayed in one piece. Sam was amazed that he was intact as well.

"Those shocks are as good as Bobby said they'd be! Wahoo!"

He didn't slow down. Instead, he kept up the break-neck speed as he tried to get all four tires off the ground once again.

Sam frantically dialed his cell. "Bobby, what the hell is wrong with Dean?"

"He wanted to get a thrill out of driving. Don't ask me why. How're the shocks holding up?" Bobby didn't sound worried.

"We're not dead yet, if that's what you mean. Thrill? You mean Dean needed more excitement because our usual level of craziness wasn't enough?"

"Didn't question his need for speed, Sam. You idgits should be safe. I checked the brakes, too, while you were here. It's all in working order."

"Yeah, all except the nut behind the wheel!" Sam exclaimed as he gripped the door handle and they flew once again.

"You'll be fine. Gees, Sam, do you honestly think Dean would do something to damage you or the car?"

While Sam wasn't able to say that Dean would, he wasn't discounting Dean's state of mind at the moment.

"No. Look, I need two hands to cling to the dashboard."

"Check in later."

"Bye." Sam flipped his phone shut and looked at Dean while he scrambled for the nearest handhold. Dean's eyes were wild but there was a huge smile on his face that Sam had missed over the last month or so.

"Isn't she great, Sammy?" Dean glanced sideways at Sam and Sam wished he would keep his eyes on the road.

"Yeah, she's great." Sam deadpanned and Dean didn't seem to notice his lack of enthusiasm.

He knew Dean would never intentionally hurt him. It was just his job as a big brother to scare the shit out of him every once in awhile.
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