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Prompt 20 - regret, 7-childhood, 16-code of honor, 18 - literature, 19-time spent apart, 27-mimic

Title:  Finding the Way Back
Author:  my_sam_dean
Fandom:  Supernatural
Characters:  Sam, Dean, Bobby
Rating:  PG
Prompt:  20 - regret
Disclaimer:  I own nothing Supernatural
Summary:  Sam and Bobby help Dean heal

Dean had put up so many psychological barriers that Sam could hardly reach him. Dad was gone and so was a big part of Dean.

“When do you want to look for a case?” Sam asked Dean.

No answer. Blank stare.

“Do you still want to hunt, Dean?”

No change.

“I’m going to make some lunch. Come down soon to eat.”

Bobby sat at the table. “Any change?”

“Same,” was all Sam said.

Dean come downstairs but just picked at his food.

“You need to eat,” Sam prodded.

“I need Dad,” Dean finally spoke.

Sam viewed this as a breakthrough.


Title: Hunting and Alcohol
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: 7 - childhood
Summary: Dean broods into his beer

Another hunt, full of frustration and adrenaline. Sam seems happy with how it went while Dean feels more than just a little disenchanted with his life as a hunter.

So he orders a drink. He thinks of how it used to be when they were little, and smiles.

He remembers how things have changed. He orders another drink to drown his memories.

He thinks of how he went to college to get Sam and that Sam came with him. Then, he knows in his heart that Sam will leave hunting, and him, someday. That’s a fear no alcohol can drown.

Title:  Self-Defense?
Rating:  R
Prompt:  16 - code of honor
Summary:  Sam rescues Dean.

Dean had just finished hustling pool. The disgruntled man followed Dean out. Sam slammed down the rest of his drink and was a few steps behind.

Sam expected fists but the man had a gun on Dean. It didn’t matter that Dean was a smooth talker, he wasn’t going to talk his way out of this.

Sam took the gun from the back of his jeans, aimed, and fired without stopping his pace forward.

Would a jury convict him? How could it be self defense when he was protecting Dean?

Sam didn’t look back as he and Dean sped away.

Title:  Dean's New Hobby
Rating: R
Prompt:  18 - literature
Summary:  Dean takes a new hobby.

Dean was getting bored at Bobby’s. Dean bored was always a bad thing.

Sam walked through where Dean was to get another book. Dean made his usual smart remark about Sam’s nose being stuck in a book. Sam didn’t even look up.

He found the book he was looking for and was on his way back when instinct made him stop in his tracks.

“Dean!” he yelled as he looked at the wall. “You’ve taken up throwing knives?”

“Darts weren’t doing it for me,” Dean shrugged.

“Well, look where you’re throwing them!” Sam responded.

Knives. Darts. Same thing to Dean. 

Title:  Secrets Dean Keeps
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Rating:  R
Prompt:  19 - Time Spent Apart
Summary:  A look into what Dean keeps from Sam.

Sam had his secrets of his life with Jess. Dean had secrets from the same time period when Sam was away. Sam had no clue of what Dean hid from him. But, Dean knew that most of Sam's secrets had to do with Jessica.

Dean had always picked up ladies in the bar. One lady was into bondage. He had let her tie him up. She had promptly robbed him and left him for the maid to find.

Behind the tough exterior, Dean was much more sensitive than anyone knew. He hid his tears as he feared for his family.

Title:  One Shot, Two Kills
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Rating:  R
Prompt 27 - mimic/imitation
Summary:  Sam and Dean kill a shapeshifter.

Dean and Sam blasted away at the shape shifter until it fell and died. Then, they saw the victim. She was a little girl. The shape shifter had taken on her mom's form.

"It's okay now," Sam knelt to her level.

"You-you shot Mom," her lower lip trembled.

"It just looked like your mom," Sam kept his voice soft.

Dean found the girl's mom.

When she saw her daughter, she ran to her for a hug. The girl quickly hid behind Sam.

"The damn shape shifter took two victims, Dean."

"I know, Sam. But, at least neither victim is dead."

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